Why Choose Easi-Chill?
Thursday 16th March 2017
Published by - Alex Pawley

Why Choose Easi-Chill?

Easi-Chill Coolants are our premium gel based coolants, designed to outperform other coolants and water based ice packs on the market. Here are our reasons as to why we believe you should trust Easi-Chill:

  • They’re manufactured on-site in the UK to the highest standard.
  • All of our products are subject to strict quality checks carried out regularly throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Easi-Chill Coolants are made with food grade materials and are totally non-hazardous.
  • The back of the gel coolants is printed with a batch stamp to ensure complete traceability throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Recyclable polyethylene plastic material is used with heat sealed seams to give the gel packs maximum resistance to punctures, tears and splitting.
  • Our gel packs are pre-filled and easy to use. They do not need to be soaked in order to activate them before freezing, saving you valuable time.
  • Easi-Chill Coolants are designed to be re-used both by you, and your customer. View our packaging guides for some interesting ways to re-use our packaging.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Contact the office today on 01978 661247 or at [email protected] and request your sample of our Easi-Chill Coolants.

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