Friday 26th May 2017
Published by - Alex Pawley

Easi-Chill, Icer-Pack, and Ice-Sheets: What’s the difference?

Easi-Chill is our premium coolant and designed to outperform other coolants on the market:

  • When combined with our Tile-Box, Easi-Chill coolants can keep your goods in excellent condition below 8 degrees Celsius for up to 72 hours.
  • Easi-Chill is fully branded with printed bags and outer box for a thoroughly professional finish, so that both you and your customers can feel reassured that your goods are in safe hands.
  • Easi-Chill is batch stamped for complete traceability throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Easi-Chill uses a thicker mixture of gel resulting in enhanced performance, offering you additional assurance that your product will arrive in perfect chilled condition.
  • Easi-Chill are packed 20 per box (approx. 11kg) making them easy for you to handle
  • Easi-Chill film has a thicker film. This improves the puncture resistance and lifespan of the product, enabling you to re-use them time and time again. Have a look at our Packaging Guide for suggestions on how to re-use yours.
  • The gel packs are non-toxic and are completely safe for food use.

Icer-Pack is an economical alternative to Easi-Chill:

  • Icer-Pack coolants are economical yet reliable. Combine them with our Foil-Box to keep your goods below 8 degrees Celsius for up to 48 hours.
  • Icer-Packs are supplied in a plain brown outer carton, and packed 40 in box (approx. 20kg), maximising pallet space on full orders.
  • The Icer-Packs are manufactured on our own site in the UK, and are subject to strict quality checks throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • The gel packs are non-toxic and are completely safe for food use

The Ice-Sheet is our most flexible coolant:

  • The Ice-Sheets are a water based solution and are ideal for keeping your goods between 0 and 8 degrees Celsius for up to 48 hours
  • They are made from a food grade film with sterile contents
  • The pocketed design ensures that the Ice Sheets offer flexibility when frozen, enabling you to wrap them around your product/s if required.

For further advice and information on which solution is right for you, contact us at [email protected]

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