Which Easi-Solution is right for me?
Wednesday 18th January 2017
Published by - Alex Pawley

Which Easi-Solution is right for me?



Our Easi-Insulated Box range now includes our premium Tile-Box Solution, and our economical yet reliable Foil-Box Solution. Although both boxes will do an excellent job of keeping your products chilled, there are a few key differences. Here’s a quick overview that will hopefully help you figure out which solution is best for you:

Tile-Box Solutions

  • The main components of this solution are a high quality durable double walled outer cardboard carton, and 6 x 30mm polystyrene tile inserts. For a more visual explanation, have a look at our Packaging Guide.
  • This solution has been qualified to keep goods chilled between 2 and 8°C for up to 72 hours. Polystyrene tiling ensures a stable temperature can be maintained inside the insulated boxes, despite varying external conditions, making this the ideal solution for both food and medical applications.
  • The polystyrene tiles also provide additional protection for your product, so you can be confident it will arrive in the same condition you sent it in.
  • Our Tile-Box Solutions are ideal where storage space is at a premium as they take up considerably less space on a pallet than the Moulded Polystyrene alternatives. It’s possible to fit up to 150 Tile-Boxes onto a pallet!

Foil-Box Solutions

  • This solution has been qualified to achieve a temperature between 0 and 8°C for up to 48 hours.
  • The main components of this solution are a high quality durable double walled outer cardboard carton, which is then lined with a metalised polyester laminated bubblebag; offering lightweight protection, suitable for many food applications.
  • The metalised bubblebag is considerably less bulky than the polystyrene alternative meaning you gain extra space in the box for your product.
  • Our Foil-Box Solutions are great as they take up very little space on a pallet. It is possible to transport and store as many as a few hundred flat-packed solutions on just one pallet allowing you to benefit from buying in bulk, while knowing that you won’t be taking up space your business can’t afford to lose.

Now that you’ve (hopefully) decided which box is going to be best for you, you can check out our Easi-Chill coolant guide here.

If you’re still unsure which solution is right for your business then we are more than happy to provide advice and suggestions. We’re available to help Monday- Thursday, 8:30am -4:30pm, and Friday 8:30am-1:30pm. Get in touch at [email protected], or phone the office on 01978 661247- we’re guaranteed to answer within 2 rings!

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