Thursday 23rd March 2017
Published by - Alex Pawley

Did you know…? Expanded Polystyrene is 98% air!

At Icertech we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and we are very aware of the impact on the environment of everyday materials, take a look at our Packaging Guide for some unusual ways to re-use our products.

  • EPS is 98% air. Only 2% of a typical box is material. This makes EPS a uniquely resource-efficient packaging material with a small carbon footprint
  • EPS is extremely lightweight; this helps to reduce fuel consumption, when goods are transported in EPS compared to other heavier packaging materials.
  • The protective performance of EPS helps to reduce wastage caused by goods that are broken or damaged in the supply chain. This saves resources of energy, materials and transportation.
  • Thousands of tonnes of EPS are recycled every year in the UK. As a single polymer EPS is straightforward to recycle and is recycled into items such as replacement hardwood decking or garden furniture, coat hangers and disposable cameras.
  • EPS is inert and innocuous and provides stability in landfill because it does not biodegrade and leach chemicals into the water system or gases into air that could contribute to global warming.
  • The manufacture of EPS is a low pollution process. Steam is the key ingredient and the water is re-used many times. There is no waste in the process as all cut off or rejects are re-used.

Click here to find a recycling centre near you!

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