Tuesday 16th April 2019
Published by - Alex Pawley

Myth Busting…Gel Packs

Our gel packs sometimes come under scrutiny due to concerns about their contents, and the supposed damage that they are doing to our environment.

What’s in our gel packs?

It’s basically an insoluble salt that expands and retains water. It’s the exact same stuff that you get in babies nappies. Each 500g Icer-Pack contains less than half a teaspoon of salt to form the gel like substance.

Is it toxic/harmful to the environment?

Our gel packs are completely food safe for use with food and are non-hazardous. The gel mixture doesn’t end up in water ways, and it is filtered out at water treatment plants.

What are the benefits?

The gel mixture actually enhances the performance of the coolant, meaning that you can use less than if you just used a standard water pack.

IF (and it’s a big if) a gel pack were to leak, it wouldn’t ruin your product and soak the box like water packs are known to do. The thick gel mixture would slowly seep out, and the delivery would still be safe for your customer.

The puncture resistance film and high quality nature of our products means they are well suited to re-use.

Did you know…?

Pour the gel contents into a bowl and mix with some warm water and salt. The gel contents will return to its liquid form.

If you have any questions about products, please get in touch with us at [email protected], or on 01978 661247.

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