Foil-Box Solutions

Foil-Box Solutions

The Foil-Box, available in three useful sizes, is a reliable and economical solution for sending your chilled food products. Combine our tried and tested Foil-Box Solution with our Easi-Chill coolants to achieve a temperature of between 0 and 8°C for up to 48 hours. Our Foil-Box is made from a high quality and very durable double walled outer cardboard carton, which is then lined with a metalised polyester laminated bubblebag. This bubblebag can be moulded using a specially sized jig (which Icertech will supply). The jig allows you to create the perfect cube profile in the exact size to fit the outer part of the box, giving you a secure and perfect fit to cushion and chill your goods. Not only are the materials used 100% safe for food packaging but they are also reusable and, once you have finished with them, they are easy to dispose of.

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  • Mini+ Foil-Box Solution

    Int. Dimensions: 245x245x240mm
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  • Small+ Foil-Box Solution

    Int. Dimensions: 345x345x240mm
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  • Midi+ Foil-Box Solution

    Int. Dimensions: 405x405x300mm
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  • Parcel-Box Solution

    Int. Dimensions: 245x190x115mm
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