Tuesday 13th August 2019
Published by - Alex Pawley

Product Spotlight: Pluumo-Box + Discount Code

What is Pluumo?

Our Pluumo -Box is made up of a double walled cardboard outer, and 2 x pluumo liners. Pluumo liners are made from surplus feathers to form a unique, highly insulating material.

The feather liner helps to protect and cushion your temperature sensitive goods, whilst maintaining temperatures of between 0 and 8°C for up to 72 hours. Pluumo has been designed to be totally compostable.

Who is the Pluumo-Box suitable for?

The Pluumo-Box is designed specifically for direct deliveries of chilled and frozen foods including meat boxes, fresh fish and seafood, cheeses and deli items, fresh fruit and veg, and ready meals. The solution is also suitable for pharmaceutical and medical applications

What about performance?

The high-performance insulation – provided by the 100% natural feather fibres inside the liners – and the robust design of the outer box provide up to 72 hours of performance.

Customer Feedback

“We love the environmental friendly aspect of these boxes and is something we as a company want to encourage. The boxes seem of good quality and the inner layer seems to work fine. We are trying to break the mould when it comes to scientific device suppliers as it is an industry with seriously high level of plastic, polystyrene and chemical waste and the plummo-box is a great alternative as environmentally conscious shipper”- YouSeq


Current the solution is available one size: 260 x 260 x 260mm.


20- 220 Lots @ £4.40 per box

240+ @ £3.90 per box

*Order in August and receive 10% of your delivery of Pluumo-Boxes. Use code: Enviro10 at the checkout*

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