2023 in Numbers: Embracing Sustainability.


As we step into 2024 it is good to take time to reflect on the last year. For Icertech, 2023 has seen us take tremendous strides towards a more sustainable future, and substantial progress towards our environmental objectives. The following numbers highlight our achievements for 2023.


Production Efficiency Takes Centre Stage:

A standout accomplishment for us in 2023 was the remarkable 31% increase in production hours. This spike not only signifies enhanced productivity but also underscores our commitment to meeting demand without compromising on quality. Our teams worked tirelessly to streamline processes, optimize workflows, and embrace innovative technologies that paved the way for this significant boost.


Sustainable Energy Practices:

The most noteworthy aspect of our environmental journey in 2023 is the substantial reduction in resource consumption. A remarkable 52% decrease in mains gas usage demonstrates our dedication to sustainable energy practices and reducing fossil fuel usage onsite. This decrease was aided by using air source heat pumps in the office, which also help to reduce overall carbon footprint.


Reducing Mains Electricity Dependency:

In tandem with our efforts to minimize gas consumption, we achieved a commendable 47% decrease in mains electricity usage. This achievement comes despite increasing production hours by 31% and was made possible through the instillation of solar panels, allowing us to produce renewable energy onsite, reducing our dependency on fossil sourced mains electricity. 2024 will see us double the number of solar panels onsite, further reducing our organizational footprint, and our gel pack product footprint.


Waste Reduction Initiatives:

A critical component of our sustainability journey is waste reduction. In 2023, we successfully decreased total waste production by 32%. This reduction encompasses recyclable and non-recyclable waste alike. By prioritizing on-site waste reduction initiatives, we have taken a proactive stance in minimizing our environmental impact. We have also improved production efficiency, which has translated into improvements in resource efficiency onsite.


Recyclable Waste Champions:

We reduced recyclable waste by 35%, as part of our overall waste reduction objectives. This has been done through reusing many materials, such as scrap cardboard being used as pallet protection and for shredded cardboard.


Responsible General Waste Disposal:

A 25% decrease in general waste produced is a testament to our holistic approach to waste reduction. By revaluating our consumption patterns, implementing waste segregation at source, and promoting responsible disposal practices, we’ve made significant strides in curbing the environmental impact of our operations.


As we bid farewell to 2023, these impressive figures underscore our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Our achievements in production efficiency, energy conservation, and waste reduction pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. The journey towards environmental responsibility is ongoing, and we remain dedicated to exploring innovative solutions and setting higher benchmarks for ourselves in the years to come. Sustainable practice onsite is coupled with our ongoing new product development, to reduce the environmental impact of our product as well as our practice. Together, let’s continue to make strides towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.