About Us

Whatever your requirements, Icertech is a one stop shop for the total temperature controlled solution - from packaging to delivery

The company

Founder of Icertech, David Jones, formed the business in 2005 after having gained 20 years of experience in the logistics industry, specialising in temperature controlled shipping and chilled packaging and in charge of sending both refrigerated products and frozen products to over 60 countries. ¬†Icertech began its life in David’s garage with the coolant being entirely made by hand using buckets and a mixer and has now grown to using two machines that produce around 40,000 coolants a day .

Icertech specialise in providing temperature controlled packaging systems for shipping chilled products. Our complete chilled solution ‘Easi-Chill’ will keep your products chilled for up to 72 hours.

Our range includes smart and sturdy insulated boxes and our food safe chill gel packs. These components have been designed to be used together for optimum reliability and performance, offering you cost effective, high quality solutions to meet all of your temperature controlled packaging needs.

With product development at the heart of our business, we offer our customers a top quality solution and excellent customer service. We develop products that provide reliability and performance suited to your needs, and all of our products are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 standard.

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At Icertech we understand that the quality of your product depends heavily on the quality of our product, and this is reflected in our company culture.

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We appreciate that customer requirements are unique and our customer service reflects this; we are able to provide custom solutions and support specific requirements.

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The teams industry experience and expertise means they can quickly analyse customer's requirements and give no obligation professional advice.

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Our team includes logistics professionals, enabling us to understand our customer's requirements and provide high levels of advice and support.