Packaging with Purpose, the Link-Box story


Packaging with Purpose, the Link-Box story


When we sat down to create the Link-Box, we kept asking “why”. Why is this feature important? Why are we using this material and not that one? Why don’t we add that feature in? In order for our packaging to be truly sustainable we didn’t want to over engineer the solution by using unnecessary materials, we need to be resource efficient. The Link-Box needed to be fit for purpose, and hence “Packaging with Purpose” was born.

One of the reasons we are so excited about this product, is that it meets so many of the criteria that are important to our customers. Yes, there are a lot of paper-based solutions on the market, but this is the first that is cost effective, performs well, and offers a great level of protection.

The print on our Link-Box liner was designed with the consumer in mind, who will rightly question why they have received their product in this packaging, and why this packaging was chosen. The print on the Link-Liner communicates to the consumer what the packaging does, and what the purpose of it is:



The liner provides product protection that wouldn’t be found in a flexible insulation product. Using a kraft finish on the inner Liner also gives a moisture resistant structure. We have extensively tested the strength on the Link-Box through on-site drop testing and transit trials.


Temperature performance:

The Link-Box has been rigorously tested, ensuring it offers insulation performance comparable to what customers have come to know and trust. The Link-Box offers of a minimum of 24 hours below 8oC, performing comparably to our well known and established Foil-Box solution.


Efficient and economical design:

The insulative liner has been designed to offer reliable performance, whilst being resource efficient. The Link-Liner has been optimised and value engineered to be manufactured with the least amount of waste, being cost effective and lowering the product footprint.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider was the ease of disposal for the end consumer. The Link-Box solution is fully curb-side recyclable and marked with the appropriate OPRL logo for easy communication with the end user. The innovative design makes it easy to fold into your cardboard recycling.

We wanted to ensure we could offer a solution that was not only reliable but cost effective too. Until now, one of the biggest barriers our customers face when considering the Enviro-Range is affordability, however, the Link-Box addresses this. The Link-Box is an exciting, cost-effective sustainable packaging solution.

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