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  • How do I dispose of the coolants?

    You can recycle the plastic from these packs, but the gel does have to go into the bin once it’s done its job. Don’t try to pour the gel down the sink, as it could block your drains. Have a look at our Packaging Guide for some great ways to reuse our gels.

  • Can I pour the gel content down the drain?

    You can, but we wouldn't recommend it just in case it blocks your drain. However, mix a little salt with the gel solution and it will return to its liquid form, making it safe to pour away!

  • How many coolants should I use?

    The required number of coolants can vary based on the product and the performance that is required. Advice is best given on an individual basis. Subject to appropriate insulation being used, our trials and feedback from customers show excellent results for a minimum of 24 hours up to 72+ hours.

  • What about delivery?

    Stock items are available 'off the shelf' and can be despatched on a next day delivery service. Deliveries come via courier. Your goods will be on a wooden pallet that could potentially be up to 2 meters high.

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