Our Packaging is DPD Compliant



Sending temperature controlled deliveries via parcel courier. 

DPD are the UK’s leading parcel delivery brand, and we’re pleased to say our chilled packaging solutions are DPD compliant. This is fantastic news for us, but it’s also great news for our customers too.

When you approach DPD they will eventually need to ask to see a parcel that is totally representative of what your live deliveries will be like, this includes all the packaging, plus your product.

Here are some hints and tips to help towards a successful delivery:

  • DPD assess the level of protection provided by the box, ensuring that the shipment is fully protected from crushing, bursting, or denting. Use a carton made of high quality corrugated cardboard (preferably double walled) to ensure strength, durability and protection. We use a double walled EB board that provides excellent crush resistance, with a ‘rigid’ feel.
  • We suggest considering an additional layer of card in between various layers of products, or alternatively some void fill materials. This will improve damage limitations, and also maximise the performance of the box in regards to temperature.
  • Choose the correct size of carton to match the contents – under-filled boxes are likely to collapse, and over-filled to burst open. We’re happy to discuss your requirements, and provide samples to enable you to choose the best fit.
  • When putting the carton together, use strong tape to ensure the base is secure and will not come open in transit. We recommend a solvent grade of tape, which is ideal for temperature and moisture variable applications. The H-taping method (shown below) is the best way to secure your box at the seams.

  • DPD take into consideration the level of containment your packaging solution provides. In the rare scenario where either your product or our gel packs were to leak (it’s very rare), DPD will check to ensure that any leaks are completely contained within the box (the Foil-Box is ideal for this as the foil pouch is tightly sealed). This is also where our gel packs are great, as they don’t leak like traditional water packs do due to the gel like contents being quite thick (they’re completely food safe, it’s just salt mixed with water). This means your delivery won’t be ruined, and it is still fine for your customer to accept.
  • Fill all spaces in your package with a suitable filler such as polystyrene chips or even shredded paper.

The advice is for guidance only and it is the responsibility of the person(s) sending the parcel to make sure that the items are securely and correctly packaged.

For advice on your packaging contact [email protected].