Tile Box

A double walled cardboard outer, combined with a cardboard liner, this solution can be constructed in seconds. Combine with our Icer-Pack coolants to achieve a temperature of between 0 and 8°C for up to 48 hours

Between 0 and 8°C
  • Link-Box
The Benefits

Performance & Protection

Our Link-Box Solution is suited for the transport of chilled goods, maintaining temperatures between 0 and 8°C for up to 48 hours. The double walled cardboard outer and the cardboard insulation also offer a great level of protection to your product. 

Flat Packed Design

The Link-Box will arrive flat packed on the pallet, allowing us to fit almost 500 of the Cube 1 size on a pallet. This makes carriage charges more cost effective, and is also ideal where storage space is limited. 

100% Recyclable

The materials used in the Link-Box are fully paper based and are 100% kerbside recyclable. 


Icer-Pack gel based coolants are our reliable yet economical coolants, ideal for keeping your food products chilled for up to 48 hours when used with an insulated box.

Economical andreliable

Leak resistant

30% recycled content

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