The Eco-Box: Our Fully Recyclable & UK Manufactured Solution


The Eco-Box solution is a double walled cardboard carton with 2 insulated paper pads. This solution offers great performance and is 100% kerbside recyclable. Keep reading to find out what makes the Eco-Box such a great solution:


  • The Eco-Box is entirely paper based, making it 100% kerbside recyclable. This makes it really easy for the end user to dispose of at home.
  • The Eco-Liner is filled with 100% recycled paper to create the insulation and padding.
  • In addition to providing insulation, the padded paper liner also helps to protect and cushion your temperature sensitive goods.
  • The Eco-Box can maintain temperatures of between 0 and 8°C for up to 48 hours.
  • The solutions come flat packed, so it is space efficient for storage, and delivery.
  • The paper liner itself is available in 3 different sizes, however, due to the flexible nature of the liner these can be combined to fit most boxes.
  • The paper liners and outer boxes are manufactured locally, ensuring a reliable supply chain, and reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation.


The Eco-Box is manufactured in the UK. It is important to us at Icertech that our products are manufactured in the UK, as we are able to create a good relationship with our manufacturing partners, working together to ensure that the materials we use are sustainable and reliable. Sourcing materials locally also helps reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation.


With our ‘Enviro’ branded Eco-Box, you can use the packaging to communicate your commitment to sustainability to your customers.